Flamma Experience

With over 65 years of experience and know-how in the field of chiral building blocks including high value amino acid derivatives, Flamma is the preeminent manufacturer of high value chiral APIs, RSMs, and intermediates delivering the sophistication you require in a CMO. See why companies are turning to Flamma.

Flamma Quality

Good reputations are hard to get and harder to keep. Flamma continues to deliver on-time high quality materials to our customers including most top 20 industry leaders. Flamma provides superior quality throughout the entire production cycle of your compounds.

Flamma Locations

Flamma has two cGMP facilities located near Milan, Italy. Its headquarters & cGMP plant are in Bergamo while its other cGMP plant is located in Isso. Flamma also has a new cGMP workshop at Flamma Honkai, their 100% owned Chinese facility located in Dalian, China. Flamma delivers quality materials on time and in spec to customers throughout the world.

Upcoming Meetings

Flamma will be present at:

DCAT Week 2018
New York City from March 20-22, 2018

CPhI North America 2018
Philadelphia from April 24-26, 2018

CPhI Worldwide 2018
Madrid from Oct. 9-11, 2018 @ Hall 10 Stand 10F43

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An Overview of Flamma

The Flamma Group provides a variety of pharmaceutical services including cGMP manufacturing of APIs and RSMs, process R&D, and other activities. We also have a significant number of products that we provide to those who require materials that are of the highest of quality.

Flamma provides a dependable assessment of your technical package and provide competitive yet viable offers.

Flamma can be of assistance for early stage pre-clinical development as well as for large-scale commercial manufacturing.

FLAMMA - Where it Matters Most

CMO Leadership Award Winning CMO two years running (for more info click here)

Flamma Honkai Grand Opening 2017



Six catagory (max) winner in 2017



CMO Leadership Award

 Five catagory (max) winner in 2016



In 2015, Flamma was featured in Chemical and Engineering News.

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